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A Christmas Bucket List

bucketlist1_updated2It’s time to pull out the Christmas list of some things to do.

  • What a great time to set a budget now?
  • Get out and visit someone that will be alone.
  • Make arrangements to visit either children in the hospital, elderly in nursing homes or just stop by the gas station and pass out hot chocolate to the homeless.
  • What about paying someone’s utility bill?
  • Make that phone call to apologize to someone. Even if they don’t receive it, you have done a good thing. Keep your head up!
  • Catch a movie! This is one thing I try not to miss.
  • Light up that fireplace or burn those candles before sitting down to read that much anticipated book.
  • Don’t forget to drop your donation by a charitable organization. No matter the reason, you can’t go wrong with this good deed.
  • Start a tradition of your own Christmas play with the immediate family.
  • How about giving out the warm and fuzzy liquid gifts to family and friends (e.g. hot chocolate, tea, (I’ll take organic please…. LOL), wine or good old coffee)?
  • If you want, electronic Christmas Cards are all the buzz. We’ll still take the paper card that will never go out of season. LOL…
  • Avoid getting upset with ANYONE. For once, let it go, let it go, let it gooooo.
  • This is a really hard here but how about turning off the television and just enjoy the family?

(Serious note: Some of the to do things above just might keep someone from thinking suicidal thoughts, feeling depressed or harming their bodies. They could also cause people to get inspired to get that job, become renewed about job hunting again, be refreshed with that entrepreneurial spirit, lighten up their spirit, love themselves more, love those around more and/or decide to pay-it-forward. I could go on about your effortless and thoughtful deeds that will enhance and extend goodwill, stewardship and love to others.)

Tis the season Social Media Family and be oh so safe. Be Blessed!

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