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Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting’s blog. is the official website for everything in NeceSs’ world. Our dedication to supporting the body and mind touches not only beauty but health, fitness and self-empowerment. We also believe that laughter is also a form of positivity. Your attitude is everything! We offer hope and inspiration through our bi-weekly blog for you to know that “you” are everything from within. Please know that there is sunshine filled with beautiful from your core.

NeceSsonline wants to continue aiming to fill a niche for women owned businesses and provide culturally relevant brands through the creation of innovative marketing and brand.

What I know for sure is…..
People come from all walks of life varying in culture, race and morals. What I know for sure is that we all want to matter.

Who is the Whole?
You are so full of substance, knowledge, eagerness, yes. You are whole, not a half, not a third but 100% full of richness and value.