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Beauty budgeting?

beautyI can’t take credit for most of the amazing tips listed below.  The credit goes to iVillage where they asked beauty bloggers to share some quick and easy tips.


Here goes:
     Lemon = Self Tan Corrector
Lighten a self-tanning mishap.
Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice on the overly tanned area and rub the wedge on it.  Rinse and repeat while the citric acid in the lemon lifts the stain.

     Lemon = Nail Strengthener
Acrylics will leave you with dry, brittles nails.
Cut a lemon in half, insert finger nails inside the pulp so that all are fully covered.  Allow ten minutes then remove with healthy nails.  Simple!

     Diaper Rash Cream = Skin Salve
The anti-inflammatory ingredients help to hydrate and repair the skin (elbows, feet, etc.) leaving you smooth and soothed.

     Hydrogen Peroxide + Cotton Balls  = Acne Treatment
After cleansing, pat the entire face and neck with a thin layer of peroxide.  Let it dry for a minute and follow-up with a moisturizer (any brand will do with SPF).

     Hydrogen Peroxide + Water = Teeth Whitener
Use a small amount of 50/50 ratio of water to hydrogen peroxide, swish it around in the mouth for a few seconds before spitting out.  Do not swallow!  Also, you can dip the toothbrush in it or add baking soda to the brush for a foamy and clean affect.

     Salicylic Acid  = Flawless Tan
Before applying a self-tanner, use any brand body wash that contains salicylic acid.  It naturally exfoliates the skin while the self-tanner goes on smoother and last longer.

     Blush + Lip Balm (try NeceSs’ brand) = Lip Color
In case you run out of lip stick, try applying powder blush (any color you like) to the lips under a coat of lip balm.

     Hair Conditioner = Shaving Cream
Whether home, on a trip or wherever, this stuff works.  It softens like shaving cream and will leave the under arms, legs and wherever else you choose to use it feeling smooth and silky.  Cost-effective for sure!

     Hair Conditioner = Hair Detangler (This is my personal, not an iVillage tip, on pre washing my  natural hair).
Simply part the hair in four sections.  Apply any brand of conditioner (low cost brand) to each section by slowly fingering the solution.  You can add as much as necessary until the fingers glide through the hair effortlessly.  Afterwards, commence to shampooing the hair. There you go!

     Epsom Salt + Essential Oils = Custom Foot Soak
Mix Epsom salt in a container with a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) (chamomile, lavender etc.) then just pour a healthy amount in either a bath or footbath.  Ah so relaxing!

     Toilet Seat Covers = Blotting Papers (for make-up)
If you are ever out somewhere, mimic the effects of blotting paper with toilet seat covers.  It works flawlessly!

     Flatiron = Fabric Wrinkle Releaser
If the clothes get wrinkled, simply iron with flatiron either before or after beautifying the hair.  LOL…

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