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Coming Soon: The Executives Retreat

The Executives Retreat

Coming Soon!

It was the annual two-day executive retreat for Necess Hospital located in Nutbush, Tennessee.  The usual executives were there to attend and discuss such topics as the systemic scorecard, FAIHCO (regulatory readiness) failures, KPI’s (key performance improvements) areas and other organization standards.

Attending were CMO’s (Chief Medical Officers) from the hospital’s four demographic locations.  There was Dr. Sarah Thackmond (she was addicted to plastic surgery), Dr. Patrick Blouthett (the passive aggressive type), Dr. Renae Kendouwe (always oblivious and agrees to everything; even bad ideas) and lastly Dr. Kelley Hipolier (seemingly innocent but a sneaky wild card).  The other quality improvement team members Devra and Daniela were responsible for all aspects related to compromising and deliverables for the presentation that would follow after the retreat and back at corporate.

All parties traveled just an hour away to a known bed-n-breakfast in Jacoby, MS.  There was so much business to discuss but also a rare opportunity to relax.  One of the business topic would be the recent removal of top executive, Dr. Jillian Mollet, COO (Chief Operating Officer).  He was considered the fair haired boy who quickly moved up the ladder at Necess corporate.   Just as quickly as he moved up the ladder within the past three years, the same could be said about his quick departure.

While this seemed strange to several, it was something Devra figured the retreat and Dr. Mollet’s disappearance had a connection.  No way did Dr. Mollet voluntarily leave this post!

Coming Soon!