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December: Pre-Christmas Blessing! (Your Inspirational Story)


The WINNER IS…………. K. Norman
Christmas means more family in town, singing and watching old movies with them.

Congratulations! Don’t forget to check your email.

Happy Holidays!

GIVE-A-WAY TIME! ****Spread the Word!!****
We will call this competition Pre-Christmas Blessing. The question is “What does Christmas personally mean to you?”
Send your answer to with “Pre-Christmas Blessing” in the subject line.

Value: $100
Enter to win a $100 giveaway (drawing)! A little something to help with your holiday shopping needs this year with this amazing prize. Whether it’s presents for the family, decorations for your home, delicious food for the table, or to help your neighbor (pay-it-forward) — how you spend it is totally up to you! There are no strings attached. Just enter to take part.

Start date: December 16, 2014
End date: December 19, 2014
Winner (be sure to check your email on December 19, so that we can get your cash to you ASAP.) LOL… LOL…
Winner will also sign-off on a Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability form. We have to keep it legitimate. LOL…

Thanks for entering – stay tuned for more contests coming soon from NeceSsonline.

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