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limitsarticle_image_pngUnconditional love is affection without limits. It can be also love without conditions.

In some cases as human beings, we have said the former at some point. When you’re fed up about something, what do you do? I’m simply showing how we actually do have limits and the love is conditional. Don’t get me wrong, there are situations that must be handled properly, swiftly and put to sleep. Expired, if you will! Still, something caused you to put a limit on that love.

A few examples for instance:
• A verse in the wedding vows “until death do us part”. Well, that is until it’s time exit for some.
• You have told someone the day before that you’ll always love them but realize the next day it’s on to the next.
• A parent and child’s supposedly innate bond; yet, they have never spoken again.
• There was self-love for a time but now it has diminished.

So many situations where there once were feelings of limitless love. This piece is just perusing the aspects of love with limits versus limitless love. There are so many other examples to justify both scenarios.

One thing is for sure, it takes more energy to prevent or not allow something to just flow, than it does to just let it “be”.

“Food for thought”….

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