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New Podcast To Launch Soon – NeceSs Lounge

The holiday season is here and NeceSs recently launched its website ( and inspirational product line for great holiday shopping.  Now, it’s time to take NeceSs’ inspiration further into the New Year by announcing their new podcast to start in January 2014.

The weekly podcast, NeceSs Lounge, is hosted by author and NeceSs CEO, Dierdre Ware.  Ware has spent many years assisting others with integral advice and will now provide a platform to listen to all-inclusive necessity information that is fun-filled and produced in radio format.  The podcast also offers the ability to save it and refer to it when needed.

This weekly show is not your normal podcast.  Ware will provide an interactive panel with special guests to discuss several different topics including entrepreneurship, legal advice and news topics.

“I’m so looking forward to this opportunity,” Ware said.  “I’ve always wanted a platform related to a radio-type show and this communication medium couldn’t have come at a better time.  NeceSs Lounge’s (W.A.R.E.) podcast show will be an outlet for those to laugh, get entrepreneurial questions answered, ask legal advice as well as obtain some guidance on the “how” in transitioning from college to the work world.  Our target audience will be diverse.  We will also have a weekly wrap up of news, entertainment and other related topics, again, while keeping it fun with Minnie B., my 70 (plus)-year-old publicist.  She’s a bundle of laughs and will have listeners rolling on the floor, so to speak.  You don’t want to miss any of the weekly 40-minute episodes that will be infused with prizes.”

NeceSs Lounge will be housed at

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