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RESULTS, after Pounding the Pavement (Your Dream Goal(s))

Results_png“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.” – Mark 9:23

You are:

  • More Confident
  • Have more pep in your step
  • Ready for the next steps
  • Focused on building this rise
  • Focused on maintaining this rise
  • Able to step out into deeper waters without fear
  • Able to declare another level of independence

Determine soul, give me this powerful ocean
Independent spirit, fill this powerful machine
For I physically stand strong

Feel the authority on my fingertips
Phantom of mine, stand high
Day or Night

Because, nothing matters
As, I stand an individual
On this mountain so high
For I am mentally powerful

My courage behold
My eager stand back
Relax, for I am great
As a forceful person
The faith I carry for all
Give me your grime, residue and waste

Come into my atmosphere
Breathe the air I breathe
Touch the sky as I
Passion is in my soul

Vampire, shadow and zombie
Give me a hand
Help me save this land
This dirt and sand
It’s at war everyday
It’s sad to say

Determine, I need you to stay
Independent spirit, fill this machine

My powerful machine
The one with so many words
(zealous, secure, brave, dedicated,
harmony, love, unity, and concord)
We don’t need fighting in the lion’s den
The frustration we put in the soil
The storms we bring in the skies
I will stand next to my stray
Shake hands with my competitor,
traitor, and opponent

For all shall make me solid
My courageous beast go to sleep
This world will be at peace
Because, I’ll be there
By Delilah Ventura (Poetry Soup)

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