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Self Love

Self LoveHello,

I could type an article inundating you with all the ways to love yourself; but I’d rather just give quotes that also help me to revisit, refresh and renew my spirit about me.


You Are
You are strong
You are delicate
You are rigid
You are flexible
You are funny
You are corny
Whatever you are, I accept. – NeceSs

Love is……..
Sometimes conditional, relentless, dangerous, foolish, can be without limits. It is also warm, gentle, volatile, happy, and unstoppable. Love is you! – NeceSs

Preparing You…. For Yourself
I’m being shaped and molded into this person. Just who am I being prepared for? My manners are so…. and my steps, form and language enhanced. Positive things, negative things I’ve been taught, but God is preparing me, in his likeness and image, for myself. – NeceSs

I Understand
In life my opinion will be just that…my opinion. In debates and disagreements, I’ll grow to respect others views. What differences will be expressed. Yet, I’ll know that I’m just the way God planned and yes, I understand. -NeceSs

Who Loves You?
Me! I used to like me, but have grown to love me. Whether my hair is long or short, I’m short or tall, thick or small framed, muscular or slim, dark or light, have all my limbs or some, have all my senses (see, smell, touch, hear or taste) or not. It doesn’t matter. I just love me! -NeceSs

Who is the Whole?
You are so full of substance, knowledge, eagerness, yes. You are whole, not a half, not a third but 100% full of richness and value. – NeceSs

Bruised Not Broken
Am I bruised, in many ways yes? Am I broken by life experiences? Not by a long shot! The bruises are like scars; learn to embrace them for they embody you. You are a survivor, never to be defeated and certainly not one to be broken. – NeceSs

Say What?
See me, hear me, and speak me because I’m coming. Say what and who exactly are you? I’m Confidence, in every sense of the word. – NeceSs

Who Am I?
I’m only the most attractive and intelligent person that God has created me to be. I AM the best me! – NeceSs

Love “you” no matter what ups and downs are encountered. Take care of self in order to become stronger for the next (whatever it is….)!

I’ll end saying, you are the best man, woman, teenager or child that God would have you to be at this moment. Place one arm over the other and squeeze tightly. You may not know me in person but I know and connect with you in spirit. Yes, we are linked in this world together!

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