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SNAP… (Self Nudging a Plus)

fearless_pngHere are ways to shift yourself forward to snap out of that fear mode.  Hey, what can happen outside of starting over?  Sometimes starting over helps to focus more on the details and see things needed/not needed from before.  You want to keeps things practical, effective and simple.

  • Right where you are take deep breaths.
  • Hug yourself.
  • Read, write or do something totally unrelated from the norm.
  • Write down or type the things that are NOT going well in your life right now. (We know what is going right.)
  • Review the list again and really think, “Do any of the red flags listed really matter to the whole of ME?”
  • Take some time to think a few things over.
  • Readjust, renew and hit that refresh BUTTON to begin again.
  • Surround yourself with motivating things (music, certain lighting or maybe the quiet will do).
  • Shake out those arms, flex those fingers, exercise the eyes and push through that bulldozer called fear.
  • Tell yourself to snap out of it.

You’re on course again and focused.  It’s called balance and we all get off at times.

What’s the word again?  SNAP out of it!

Fear is nothing but just an illusion
It’s a weak soul with plenty of reasons
No man, No Animal, No Creature to spare
Fear’s the unknown, fear’s the rare.
But what if the unknown never exists
What if it’s a planted impression, which persists?
And is always inventing Dark Fantasies
Which are of no help, but is a disorder and disease

Rise and Shine Oh Man!
For what is it that you Fear.
When you have Courage as your shield
And faith as your spear
Let no disembarked identity
Get your mind off mark
Let there be light; amidst the Dark.

Let not illusion hamper your soul
Let not your mind deviate from your goal
Let not fear say that you can’t;
Let just fear be an imaginary chant
Which you can get rid of with a little bravery
Ending off this rule of percept slavery;
And procure yourself the success you need
And be the man of a fearless breed. – Loveneet

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