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Stay Excited About “You”

Excited1Excited about yourself?  If not, you should be.  You are a priceless prize!  Anyone you choose as a partner should feel the same way.  There should be no blasé attitude about you.  You can feel this way alone.  If you find yourself constantly discussing issues about being together, that person may not be that into you or for you.  It is okay!  There is nothing good or bad about that person’s feelings.  They have that right!  You also have the right to get with someone who is just as fascinated about the essence of your core as you are.  Do a big favor for yourself and move on physically and mentally.  It is called loving yourself.  You are beautiful/handsome, have an opinion and it does not matter whether you have an overt or covert personality.  That is you!  Stay excited about (your name here) and give yourself better.


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