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RESULTS, after Pounding the Pavement (Your Dream Goal(s))

“If you can believe, all things are possible to those who believe.” – Mark 9:23 You are: More Confident Have more pep in your step Ready for the next steps Focused on building this rise Focused on maintaining this rise Able to step out into deeper waters without fear Able to declare another level of independence […]

Tips to Help Monitor the Pressure Cooker in YOU

We know that outside influences can sometimes cause us to lose it in various ways.  Some of those outside influences can be associated with sexism, ageism, gender bias, racism, educational jealousy, looks and/or simply being YOU.  I’ve just said a mouthful.  Allow me to share something wonderful with you.  YOU are in control!  Yes, the […]


So many of us continue to move forward in life, without unpacking the stuff. What stuff am I speaking of? The stuff is called emotional hurt. We move through time often crossing paths with new people (e.g. friends, lovers, colleagues, business associates) while still never removing those painful walls. Some pain is truly hard to […]


Unconditional love is affection without limits. It can be also love without conditions. In some cases as human beings, we have said the former at some point. When you’re fed up about something, what do you do? I’m simply showing how we actually do have limits and the love is conditional. Don’t get me wrong, […]

DUST? Just Another Name for Temporary Snow

When you clean the dust throughout your home, some particles are easily removed with a cleaning duster while others require spray with a cloth.  Yet, it is all removed for a time!  Much like snow, it sprinkles down on us but it is short-lived. This is how we should view obstacles on our journey through […]