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The Pretty in You

Pretty_pngYou are beautiful!  You are the bomb!  You are a bad ass chick!  You are full of life!  You are EVERYTHING!  Remember this on those days when you’re struggling with self-worth and/or has allowed someone to make you feel less than.

Things to remember:

  • Pamper Yourself
  • Smile
  • Focus on what’s inside
  • Say thank you when being complimented and then look in the mirror and thank you.  Hahaha…
  • Be Confident
  • Stay Hungry
  • Be Competitive (there’s nothing wrong with healthy competition)
  • Make the most of every day
  • Stay Cute
  • Stay Sexy
  • Stay Pretty

That’s the Pretty Poodle in me.  Wink, wink to my SG Rho Sorors…  Founder’s Day today 11/12/15…

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