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The Splendor of Glory

Glory imageOne definition of glory is worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving.

Here a few things to pay homage to:

  • Our children changing and growing every day… such wonder.
  • That beautiful family we see every morning.
  • Still having all of our senses (see, smell, taste, hear and touch).
  • Those feet still hanging in there after all of these years.
  • Those aging knees aching but still loyal.
  • Your dedicated mate in your corner.
  • The parent(s) there to help no matter the need.  Sometimes it is just a listening ear.
  • The friend(s) that keeps it honest with you. 
  • That co-worker(s) always with the uplifting “Good Morning”!
  • Those cherished family members that have helped, in any way, along your life’s journey.
  • Your social media family sending out a quote needed at that very moment!  It was right on time.
  • That sibling’s voice that brings the calm to your spirit.
  • The pastor’s uplifting sermon that hits your spirit.
  • Those old faithful arms to take and hug yourself right now.  You are a splendor of glory!

Be Blessed….. 

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