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Tips to Help Monitor the Pressure Cooker in YOU

PressureCookerarticleWe know that outside influences can sometimes cause us to lose it in various ways.  Some of those outside influences can be associated with sexism, ageism, gender bias, racism, educational jealousy, looks and/or simply being YOU.  I’ve just said a mouthful.  Allow me to share something wonderful with you.  YOU are in control!  Yes, the top on that pressure cooker can sometimes wobble, allowing steam every now and then but again, you are so in control of it.  There is nothing wrong with that pressure topper making a little noise here and there, because some of the former mentioned continues have triggers associated throughout our lifetime.  I just want you to know that it is all up to you how the steam is released and to what extent.

Let’s share a few tips to help one another out.

    • Look after yourself
    • Re-frame the situation
    • Take a time out
    • Empathize
    • Don’t judge
    • Monitor your madness
    • Get the facts
    • Think before you speak
    • Identify possible solutions

Inner Peace
Unspoken word
Nothing is heard
Thoughts now deferred
Float in my mind

Safe from all harm
Peaceful and calm
Soothing with balm
Time to unwind
By Jan Allison (Poetry Soup)

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