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unpack_pngSo many of us continue to move forward in life, without unpacking the stuff. What stuff am I speaking of? The stuff is called emotional hurt. We move through time often crossing paths with new people (e.g. friends, lovers, colleagues, business associates) while still never removing those painful walls. Some pain is truly hard to work past. The defense mechanisms, from past emotional hurt, are so strong. That is why it is best to take your time by slowly unpacking, at some point. In YOUR own time in your own way, but nevertheless begin the process of opening the suitcase or box. Even if you remove one item, it’s a start. It is an amazing feat! This is not only advice to you but also to me. The unpacking begins the healing journey of self-love (some people blame themselves), in some aspects forgiveness (making contact with another or simply praying) and/or bringing mental calmness to years of restlessness (you can be unaware of this).

Let’s begin a vow to unpack before unfairly taking someone’s options away without their knowledge. Meaning, we should not omit information that another person has disclosed could either be a pet peeve or an issue(s) they simply are not willing to deal with in another.

If we don’t attempt to unpack, the risks for the relationship (there are many variations) to fail become greater as times goes by.

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